Engima vending

Enigma Vending started in 2009 in Stockport, South Manchester joined Impact Brands in 2021. Based on the successful franchise model, Pringles tubs in carousel venders… Testament to the previous owners, we are still servicing the original clients with great products, great service & financials that work for all parties. 

We can now offer in your premises, Pringles branded carousel venders.
No upfront cost to you. Stocked by our team. Commission Paid.
What could be easier? No effort but you still earn #commission. #WinWin 
Get in touch to arrange a free trial in your premises.  

Ideal in forecourts, pubs, takeaways, shops, receptions, office, canteens, soft play venues etc. All sites considered. 

 For Pringles, see our ALLERGENS statement.





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